Bailey's Blossoms: Social Campaigns

As the Marketing Lead, I have all the final checks and approval for all content for the brand. Our Social Media Specialist runs day-to-day posts, but the overall strategy is front lined by myself. During this position, I ran some key campaigns across our socials that I wish to highlight here.

Baby2Baby x Bailey's Blossoms - Black Friday 2022

During our 2022 Black Friday season, we ran a campaign in association with Baby2Baby where we would match every item purchased and donate it to the global charity. I was tasked with setting up the social and email campaigns following brand guidelines via communication with Baby2baby.

Derrico's Kloset x Bailey's Blossoms

TLC super mom, Karen Derrico, partnered with our brand to launch her line under her own name. To bridge these two brands, I managed both ends of socials, content creation, product management, email campaigns, and project management for Mrs. Derrico. 

Bailey's Blossoms Strategy

As the Marketing lead, strategizing and pivoting to keep up with current trends is necessary. I follow a few key ingredients when formulating our social strategy:

  • Sticking to our social pillars
  • Listening to KPIs
  • Staying true to our ICA and UVP

Working at Bailey's, keeping our ICA and UVP in line is easy. We have clearly defined how we fit into our competitive white space. Socially, this becomes the driving force behind our "why" and the ground underneath our social pillars.

With the abundance of content our team receives daily, we have established ourselves as a UGC powerhouse, driving much of the content and conversion of the brand.