Alpha Delta Pi Officer, Baylor University

Digital Marketing Specialist 2019-2020

Videographer 2019-2020

Digital Marketing Specalist

As the Digital Marketing Specialist I am in charge of all social media content that is put out by our chapter. I am in charge of collecting and creating content to share, promoting our chapters brand to engage our audience, as well as following the international brand of Alpha Delta Pi.

Created Content

This is content that I design myself that isn't a normal image or a video. I have found that these created content posts do significantly better than a normal photo post and have a higher number of shares and saves. All of these posts I made using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

COVID-19 Response

I shared this graphic on our chapters Instagram following the news of our university not returning for the spring. I want to make something to share with our members to let them know that we are here for them. I followed the international brands colors and fonts, and used our open motto "we live for each other". The response to this post was far better than I had hoped for. It was shared over 300 times and re posted by chapters across the country.

Illustration Post

This was shared during COVID-19. We had been struggling on getting content to post so when that would happen I would create a post to share. This is a illustration of some of our members and our founder. This is following popular illustrations that artists on instagram have been sharing over the past few months.

ADPi Baylor Logo

I made this logo at the beginning of the fall semester in 2019. It was created based off of our recruitment shirts that year, there's a photo of it below. The shirts were very popular around campus so I decided to capitalize on that and use it for our social media profile pictures. The goal for this is to get potential new members familiar with our logo on social media and around campus.

An ADPi's Guide to Baylor University

In this post I made a guide to Baylor with 4 different themes. Each swipe on the post was different. The first was places to study, then where to eat, then best coffee / tea places, and finally what to do in Waco. I utilized tagging the businesses I mentioned in the post which got the post shared multiple accounts that can reach a larger audience than what we could.


Another part of this position is being able to document events for the chapter. I bring my camera to every event and get plenty of photos and video to give to the chapter. I covered formals, bid day, worship night, the first day of classes, and sisterhood events.


This position follows closely with my DMS position. The main project that followed with this is creating the entertainment for our primary recruitment. For that I made 2 videos to be played on sisterhood day and philanthropy day, as well as 3 other videos to be shown on our social media.

Baylor ADPi Sisterhood Recruitment Video

This video was played on our sisterhood round of recruitment. It is our primary recruitment video and to create the video I

  • Planed a production schedule with a total of 10 filming days over 2 months
  • Set up a mini studio in our chapter room and interviewed 30 members
  • Worked with Panhellenic Council, advisors, and other members on a deadline to ensure timelines when getting revisions and feedback.

Baylor ADPi Philanthropy Recruitment Video

This was a shorter video played during recruitment for our philanthropy round. For this I attended members as they volunteered at Ronald McDonald House in Temple and I filmed at our philanthropy events.

Social Media Videos