Alpha Delta Pi Executive Office Intern

Marketing and Communications Team

My summer internship was working for my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, with the Marketing and Communications team on several projects for the summer. My main project was to create a Texas Marketing Plan for our 11 chapters that we have in Texas. This plan consists of different pieces of content that chapters would post throughout the summer, and different branded assets to complement the project. For this project I got to design videos, illustrations, graphics, and gifs.


The name of the project is Texas ADPi proud and that can be seen in the hashtag that we add to all our content. It's in the graphics, videos, and even a gif that can be used on Instagram. I knew that this hashtag was going to be the base for the project so making sure that we get people familiar with it as quickly as possible.

The video below does just that. It is the kick off to the project and it reiterated the meaning behind Texas ADPi Proud. The video dropped on July 1st with all 11 chapters posting it on their Instagram feeds. To improve engagement and unity across Texas, each chapter tagged their university, their Panhellenic instagram, tagged every Texas ADPi chapter, and added in their university's incoming freshmen hashtag. This allowed us to reach potential new members who might not have even been looking for us.


These graphics have already been shared by chapters. They goal of the early graphics were to get people familiar with the hashtag and grasp their attention. From this I saw an uptick in how many people started using the hashtags, gifs and the overall engagement on chapter posts.

The majority of this project relies on Instagram story graphics and it was very important that each of them was unique while also following the Alpha Delta Pi brand. All of the colors and fonts used are from the brand, but I wanted to add some creativity with each so that is why no two look too similar. With the dark blue #TexasADPiProud graphic, I drew the Texas and the people inside of it on Adobe Illustrator.


These gifs were make on Adobe Photoshop and uploaded onto Giphy. They can be found on Giphy and Instagram if you search Adpi or Texas ADPi Proud. Because of the way this site works I am unable to display the moving gif, instead I have inserted a still image from the gif and linked the url to the Giphy page.

Vertical Videos

These videos were perfect for quick posts on chapter instagram stories but they were still attention grabbing and related back to the brand and hashtag.

To the Executive Office Staff... Thank you!

I wanted to say thank you to the Executive Office staff for giving me this opportunity to work along side the most amazing people. This project would be nothing without the support of some very special people. I have been able to learn so much during my internship and make some amazing connections along the way, and although I was unable to be there in person I will cherish and miss all the countless zoom call memories :)